"Vintage Do Over" is the brainchild of 'American Pickers' very own Danielle Colby. This little lass has been turning trash into treasures for over 20 years, making ends meet by recycling the unwanted, discarded, overused and undervalued since her 12th birthday.

Danielle started her very first handmade market right here in Chicago at Schubas some 8 years ago, it was called "Artzilla Craftzuki" and intends to bring that one back to life in time but for now is focusing specifically on her "Vintage Do Over" monthly market at Double Door on Milwaukee Ave.
 This market will consist of vintage repurposed items with a focus on the marriage of VINTAGE and REPURPOSING. The thing that separates this market from all others in Chicago  (and there are MANY) is the strict standard of repurposing primarily antique and vintage items for home decor, art, accessories and clothing etc...

The excitement of the event comes not only from the unique items you will find but the amazing food, such as Antique Taco and Wormhole Coffee but even the excellent food cant outshine the original and addictive musical experience that will surely bring you back time and time again!
Danielle owns and operates "4 Miles 2 Memphis" curiosities and oddities shop located at 1734 west North Ave Chicago Illinois 60622 so if you like what you see at "Vintage Do Over" Stop on by 4 Miles 2 Memphis and chances are you will find something you love!

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